List of Things I’m Thankful For In 2014

by hwilliams773

I've got my eye on you, Punk

I’ve got my eye on you, Punk

Thanksgiving is always a time of year to reflect on all of the things we’re thankful for, just before we become slightly more selfish than usual and demand special gifts from others in return for giving them something special in return. Of course we take the time to try and give back to the less fortunate, but it’s more about what we get in return for many. This year I thought I’d jot down what I’m thankful for, big or small, in written media.

I’m Thankful for…

  • MoGlo relinquishing control over the entirety of the Thanksgiving meal and letting me make the mashed potatoes this year, and not just peel them!
  • Getting to spend time with MoGlo and my stepdad in sunny, warm (compared to Chicago) South Carolina
  • Simply being alive and not getting killed by a wild turkey on the lam, the bubonic plague ebola, or the random CTA deathtrap known as the train.
  • Although I was let go from my company, I am thankful to be able to explore new possibilities and take some time out to figure out what I want to truly do and love to do.
  • The new gal pals I’ve obtained this last year. They are amazing ladies and the best people with which to surround myself and wine.
  • My health, although I’ve taken a few tumbles this year, waylaying my running down to a minimal amount, I’m happy to have my health and getting to skip the agony that is allergies and sinus issues due to the change in weather.
  • The opportunities and inspirations to be able to write posts and messages across the Wonderful lands of the Internets for the “world” to view.
  • The very fact that as much as I love to shop, I have ZERO desire to be stuck with all the crazies on Black Friday.
  • The ability to forgive other’s petty issues with me and forget to bother acknowledging their insecurity issues, attitude problems and all around bad vibes.
  • A roommate who is, lack of a better term, like another little sister to me, for which I can boss about and give crap to for some of the silly things she says and does. We have a good time.
  • Betty White is still alive and kicking.
  • MoGlo’s insistency that we have not just a pumpkin pie and a cheesecake and sugar cookies for Thanksgiving dessert, but maybe we need just one more apple pie and some chocolate chip cookies too.

What are you thankful for? There are so many things to choose from. Have you made your list and checked it twice? You may not have the tradition of going around the table and sharing what you’re thankful for, but it’s nice to write it down from time to time. If you feel like sharing, feel free to comment below!