Childhood Nostalgic Music List

by hwilliams773

IMG_20121001_160108We’ve all grown up in a era of pretty great music, especially if your parents grew up in the 60’s and 70’s. As a kid I was exposed to some of the best rock and pop music. My parents being from different sides of the pond and being 10 years apart provided a great gap of musical tastes. Dad only allowed British classic rock, while MoGlo loved a lot of American classic rock and early pop music like. Meanwhile, having a close relationship with my Puerto Rican grandparents allowed me to be exposed to bop, swing, big band and crooner classics, as well was Latin music. One of my favorite memories growing up was when I’d help my abuelita do weekend cleaning and she would play her records. When the Latin record began, my grandfather would come out from wherever in the house he was to the foyer or living room to slow dance cheek-to-cheek with her. Another memory is watching my dad dance around the living room singing along to “D’yer Mak’er” to me. He still does it anytime that song comes on the radio. Might I just mention, he DOES have the moves like Jagger (it ain’t pretty) Sweet memories.

While I was driving today, all these amazing, classic songs I loved from my early childhood made me realize how important these songs are to me. They give me the warm fuzzies and put a huge grin on my face. I’ve decided to share a playlist of some of the greatest songs a millennial could possibly grow up listening to! I know that is putting a HUGE bet on my taste in music, but trust me, my work friend calls me the office D-Jay.

Beware, this list is Mighty, Mighty LOOONG and may not include all songs!

What are some songs from your childhood that bring back great memories for you? I’d love to hear about them!