The 6 Types Of Girls You Should Be

by hwilliams773

I enjoyed this piece. It’s a great idea to be each of these types of girl. Perhaps even embodied into one person. I mean, why not!

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1. Be the girl with the laugh.

Have the ugly laugh or the loud laugh or the laugh that bubbles over your lips and travels towards those around you. Have the laugh that fills a room or the laugh that separates a crowd or the laugh that can only be heard in a quiet booth in the back of a cute café. Be the girl with the laugh that the boy will die to hear. Be the girl with the laugh that the boys will die to be the source of. Be the girl who’s happy.

2. Be the girl with the eyes.

Have the blue eyes or the big eyes or the squinty eyes. Have the kind of eyes that bunch up in the corners the way they claim is unattractive, all because you’re smiling so hard. Be the girl with the eyes that people will…

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