Spring ’14

by hwilliams773

Glorious Weather

Me outside a couple springs ago celebrating spring.

Tomorrow marks the first day of spring. This will be my 32nd spring on this planet and I still very much look forward to the spring transition every year! Rain, blustery days, random surprise snow, first bits of green popping through the dirt, and longer days. Just to list off a few of my favorite spring things!

Here in Chicago, it’s a rainy day and one of the best things I could have someone say to me was from the sweet Starbucks guy near my office. “Jump and play in a few puddles for me please!” Little did he know, that I LOVE jumping in puddles and today I am equipped with the proper footwear to achieve such a joyful request. Yes, this is a random little post, but do yourself a favor today; whether it’s raining where you are today, take a moment out of your day to go outside and have a jump or dance about! Trust me, it will do you good in every way imaginable. You’ll feel lighter, happier, freer, and it’s great to do something silly and fun without worrying what anyone around you will think!

Need a soundtrack for your silly moment? Here you go!