Fall 2013 Trend for the Everyday Gal

by hwilliams773

Preface- I had to be horrid and tell you this, but I’m SO sorry for my recent absence, as I’ve been ridiculously busy. *NO EXCUSE* So my apologies to those of you who read my blog. I started this post on the South Shore train back into the city from good ol’ South Bend, IN on Memorial Day. So, yeah, I’m kind of a total jask ass, but who’s keepin’ track, huh? 😛

So, whoever reads my random drivel each week, probably isn’t aware that I actually have a fashion design and make up background. No, I don’t shout it from the rooftops, and I don’t have a resume that reads like that of Jenna Lyons, but I do have a bachelors degree in fashion design, interned for fashion show production and styling, worked as a make up artist for an early phase in my life and am still all-around semi-obsesed with fashion and beauty. So, in my own attempt at this weeks drivel, I will share with you the fashion trends this fall that I think will fit best with the everyday girl, because let’s be real, we’re not all going to rock the two layer coat or the full Erdem floral look. Yes, I generally am enthralled to rock hoodies of all types and watch college football with vigor in the fall, but just give this a chance. This post may be lengthy, but I will share product information and possibly a few how-to’s.

Zee Smoky Cat Eye – Me-YOW

Let’s start with a current favorite eye look I’ve already started sporting – the Smoky Cat-eye. I’m a full on believer of the whole “eyes are the windows into your soul.” Who’s going to peer in if you don’t have lovely shutters or curtains around them from time to time! I love eyeshadow and liner; probably my two favorite things in my bag of cosmetic goodies. The smudge proof – waterproof liquid liner by Stila is probably my favorite liner to use. The smoky eye is probably one of the more popular looks for fall. Why not combine them? It’s pretty simple and try the look with a color you wouldn’t normal try. I started combining an olive shadow with light shimmer with a black liner. Adding the cat eye at the end of adds some pop and helps open up your eyes a bit. Here’s how to get the perfect cat eye. I’m definitely planning on picking up a navy liner to mix thing up a bit. What’s great about changing up your liner color is that if you’re not big on colorful eyeshadow, you can make a subtle enough of a change to your look with a new liner color for the tiniest of pops.

Apply liner after you've added your favorite shadow or where alone!

Apply liner after you’ve added your favorite shadow or where alone!

I’ve Got the Navy/Cobalt/Sky Blues

So the 2013 Color of the Year is emerald green and my favorite color, but that isn’t to say that the other colors had to take the backseat. There’s a resurgence of navy, cobalt and sky blue both in fashion and makeup. Cobalt is a great color that I think everyone can rock, but if the shade is too bright for your comfort, navy is a classic color that looks great on EVERYONE and is a bit safer, but try adding some brilliance in a pair of shoes, or even your nail polish. Blue has been a popular nail shade for a few seasons and it makes your nails the perfect accessory to make your outfit a little more fun. Blue shoes are so much fun and you can pair them with just about anything to replace the boring black or brown you may be so used to sporting. And powder/sky blue is a great staple for fall and helps keep your wardrobe from being SO dark and dreary, like the days as we approach winter.

The Other Colors of the Wind, err Fall 2013

The Other Colors of the Wind, err Fall 2013

Mad for Plaid

Another look that I love having “back” is plaid. I ADORE plaid; perhaps it’s my Scottish background, but I cannot help but to keep the trend in my wardrobe all year, every year. It’s classic and isn’t ever going anywhere EVER! Whether you want to of old-school preppy or create an Ode to Punk, you cannot go wrong when donning plaid. To make it an even more funky, fashion forward statement, try layering plaids of different tartans together.


You Ain’t Nothing but a Houndstooth

Houndstooth is another classic patterned weave that is ever-present in menswear and quite a bit of women’s business apparel and outerwear. This Fall, expect to see it more than the usj places; Outerwear is a give in, but tights, leggings, tops, nails, houndstooth is making a huge comeback so there’s no shame in busting it back out in any way!


Mix it with leather for a fash-forward look.

Volumous /Sophisticated waves and Messy braids

I LOVE messy hair and have been rockin’ it hippy style all Summer. It looks like some of this has plans to carry over to Fall, which I kind of dig. In general, I tend to go all “sophie” and keep the locks smooth and straight with awesome ZD bangs or chignon that isht (I have a lot o hair!). However, I’m seeing a lot to nods to the sixties with volumous bouffant styled hair; some with wave and some straight, but definitely accessorized with an elastic headband. (Linkage) I’m also seeing along of messy braid updos this year and I ain’t mad! I love braids and wish I were much better at them, but I mean, c’mon, who can’t achieve messy braidy fun! Here are a few how to’s that are really simple! I found the BEST 5 minute bun tutorial here!


An Army of Olive and Mint

So Military is back again. It seems to never die and is an every other year type of look. I’ve always love the military style. It’s so put together and polished (well, DUH, Heather! Military). Maybe it’s that or maybe it’s that my grandfather was a retired Lieutenant Colonel for the U.S. ARMY/accountant for the state of New Jersey, but as a little girl I loved playing dress up in his suits and fatigues, especially his fur trooper hat! Military is a great look to apply any piece to. I have a great Air Force jacket that I bought at a thrift shop YEARS ago that I love throwing over anything from jeans and t-shirt to a cute dress. You don’t have to go as far as I do to make the look work for you. Try an olive skirt or a button down and pair with a great brightly colored scarf with a belt and boots. Voila! You’re good to go. One thing I’m fully in support of is rocking mint an olive! They look great together to make a pale yet crisp look. Not so into mint with olive? Try coral with olive or even with a tan! The brights mixed with the military clean cut lines and neutral shades will make you pop!

Army of Olive and Mint

Fit and Flare Dresses

So, we all know that peplum is still THE look for fall and is great looking on all women. Now an even more classic and similar style to the peplum is the fit and flare dress. Fit and Flare dresses, for me, are so classic. I mean they compliment an array of body types and are easy to toss on and go! So when in doubt, grab a couple of fit and flares and be prepared for anything from a business meeting to drinks with the lady friends or your Sig Oth on the weekend.

A Rainbow of Lace

Lace is probably just as classic as the plaid. What I love about it is that no matter how it’s cut or what you wear it with, you will look feminine and purdy. Going back to the military style that’s also big, I love pairing lace with a great military jacket and khakis. This season a lot of the lace to be seen are bright and colorful lace pieces. I am particularly found of a lovely red lace. Black and cream are generally the go to hues for a basic lace, but make yourself pop this fall with a cute red lace top!

Bright Lace on the Runway

The Old College Try

I don’t think this look is ever frowned upon. What could be much better than a great pleated wool skirt with an button-down, cardie or v-neck and a great worsted wool blazer (And it BETTER have those elbow patches!) and  loafers! It’s often associated with the ivy league college look and I’ve always loved it. I can’t help but always want to own a million blazers in an array of colors and suede or leather elbow patches. Perhaps I was a professor of history or English in a past life, but nothing is better than a sweater or blazer with elbow patches paired with pleats and tights or knee socks!! Not much else screams classic like OXFORD!

Tommy Hilfiger Fall 2013

So, for now that’s all I got. I could rant and rave on and on AND on about fashion and beauty for fall and winter, but why bore you any longer. Have a question for me about any of this stuff? Drop me a line! I love to help! What’s your favorite look, inspiration or color this season? So many to choose from! Just make sure to make it your own; don’t buy off the mannequin or magazine ad. Piece together what you love and make it work, and Tim Gunn advises. Pull from what you already have and go from there. You’d be surprised what you’ll find in your wardrobe! Also, GO BUCKEYES. 😉