Dessert Chat with a Friend

by hwilliams773

Enjoying a treat on my 28th bday.

Enjoying a treat on my 28th bday.

Or Perhaps more aptly dubbed: What I Look for in a Friend?

So, I’m a dessert fiend (yes, since birth) and sometimes wonder if I could base all of my friendships on what people like in the dessert department. Not as if I would refuse to friend someone who loves flan (Bletch), because I hate it; or may be friend them BECAUSE I hate flan. I’d even go a step further to clarify that I wouldn’t refuse to friend someone because they love chocolate as much as I do. I love my sweets AND my friends; I’m just so glad that there is as much of a variety in the dessert department as there is in the friend department.

Below is a Skype chat about desserts with my friend, Jenn-“Ifer” over the Winter; shortly after my annual fast ended:

Me: I tucked into my hoarded treats drawer and ate these two frosted lemon cookies. SO delicious
I wish I had more than two to eat.

Jenn: haha
Lemon desserts have never been my thing. Go figure.

Me: Mine either, but they’re like the Girl Scout’s Lemon cookies and those are the only, ONLY lemon cookies/desserts I like.
Jenn! How are we to remain friends?! I mean (imagine Zooey Deschanel dragging that phrase out), how are we to eat desserts together?!
Am I going to be eating them ALL?
Jenn: hahaha
Me: Don’t let me get all big!
Jenn: I’ll takeover cheesecake and apple pie patrol
Me: Do you at least like chocolate?
Jenn: …. Sometimes? haha
Me: You DO like carrot cake, where I do not!
Jenn: YES! yes I do
Me: Well, I’m okay with allowing you to not like the chocolate so much, as I am a milk chocolate FIEND and tend to not enjoy sharing, unless it’s not so great. I’ll add that stipulation.
Jenn: hahaha
Me: We’ll be just fine as friends.

So… What’s You Point in this post, Heather?

Hey! “Lay off me, I’m Starving!” I’m not actually, but I love throwing that Chris Farley quote in whenever I have a chance, especially with my friend, Kristi, who I often chat treats about. She’s the genius behind exposing me to garlic salt on my grilled cheese! #YUM! Wait! Desserts, we’re talking sweet treats, not savory. My point is that I love how diverse my friends and I are from each other. Whether we see eye to eye in the dessert department or not, we’re happy to enjoy these random little conversations about everything and nothing. Also, I just thought I’d share a little piece of my everyday reality, proving once and for all, I’m a tad weird if you had not yet caught on to that. Oh well, *Gratuitous cringe-worthy YOLO* Carpe Diem, Betches!