7 Things You Shouldn’t Change For Anyone

by hwilliams773

List of Things That are Non-Negotiable

Thought Catalog

1. Your tastes in entertainment.

While there is nothing wrong with adding some things here and there that you enjoy from being introduced to them along the way, don’t let anyone shame you out of loving what you love. If your rocks get off on Selena Gomez and Ariana Grande, don’t you let a single human soul tell you that you shouldn’t because it’s “cheesy” or “too poppy.” Your tastes — high, low, and mid-brow — are entirely yours, and should be able to live in harmony with anyone worth their salt. Take it from someone who lost a full year pretending to like jam bands (I know, kill me) to impress a boyfriend, it’s never worth it.

2. The way you feel about your body.

Someone either loves your body the way it is when they get with you, or they shouldn’t be with you. You don’t get into…

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