First Day of Summer – 2013 (A Belated Recap)

by hwilliams773

* * Preface: This was clearly meant for a few weeks ago, but please forgive me on my tardiness, as I have been COMPLETELY SA-WAMPED for the past few weeks! #ThanksObama

The Sky through a canopy of trees.

Sky through a canopy of trees

“Now my life is Sweet like Cinnamon! Like a F***ing Dream I’m Livin’ In…” This lyric from Lana Del Rey’s “Radio” looms in my head as I have the tune playing on repeat on my walk home from The frozen custard place, on my tree-lined street at duskish. This day was a pretty good day! Smooth work day, beautiful weather, FINALLY, in Chicago (we’re talking shorts and tank tops weather), and a beautiful sunset coming up shortly. Do you ever look up at the sky whilst walking somewhere? Well, I’m guilty of frequently doing this! Fortunately, I tend to look ahead of me often enough to avoid a massive collision or a nasty trip over a crazy, uneven split in the sidewalk and skin my knee! I’m a klutz, because I do dumb things like look up at the sky while walking. I mention this, because looking at the sky through the leaves on the trees is a favorite way to peer at the sky of mine, day or night. On a day like the first day of summer with a long day and a sherbet multicolored sunset on its way, why not look at it in a different way! Okay, enough of the hippy-dippy isht. I get super idealistic and “romantic” about this stuff and you couldn’t wipe the grin from my face this day.

Summer always gives me the hope and positive outlook that it’s going to be wonderful! I may or may not meet the most wonderful man on the planet and want to fall in love with him. I may or may not make a heap and a peck of amazing, new friends. OR! Or, I may or may not make one truly special friend, like I thought I did last summer. Either way, this was a day I felt amazing and could just sit and swing on a tire swing, eat my peanut butter sundae and just close my eyes and feel the summer breeze on my skin, in my hair, and just be happy to be alive. Tomorrow is unknown, so it’s always nice to live in the moment and breathe, and look forward to what’s next! I’d like to think that looking forward to the next big thing on the horizon, is a fun thing to dream about. Anything, ANYTHING could happen!

This isn’t exactly the same format of my other blog posts, and believe me, I won’t be hurt if no one ever comes back to read this particular post, but HEY- I wanted to get these thoughts out and that’s what my stuff’s about, getting it all out! It’s almost a part deux of the WILFIA New Horizon – Summer 2013, but I cannot get enough of loving the first day of Summer, considering it took so long for our Spring/Summer weather to bloody get here! Now it’s here, and even on the worse days of heat and humidity, I will count my blessings that it’s not sub-zero for a few more months! 😀 I just need to find a tire swing before the season’s end so I can pretend I’m Lana Del Rey in “Ride”.