Rainy Day – When I HAVE to go to Work

by hwilliams773

How come this punk gets to sleep all day! NOT fair.

How come this punk gets to sleep all day! NOT fair. Dumb cat.

Ugh! I’m sure you can ABSO relate to not wanting to leave your cozy bed when it’s dark and miserable outside. Why can’t there be a set number of “Rainy Days” one can take from work? You know those would be used up SO quickly! It’s always the same beginning. I ALWAYS tend to oversleep on rainy days. It’s not like it’s the same darkness we deal with in the winter. It’s rainy darkness and the body knows this. The body, along with the mind, desires nothing more than to stay in the cocoon it’s been wrapped in since the previous night and continue slumbering and allowing itself to rejuvenate into a beautiful-ler butterfly. Yeah, I don’t know what I’m saying right now.

The thing is, reality does not allow you to stay in bed all day and read, then snooze, may be stuff your face with delicious snacks, snooze some more, watch trashy TV or awesome movies, then snooze some more. You MUST get up, you MUST shower and brush your teeth and hair and put none-sleeping clothes on, and you MUST walk out that door, abandoning your trusty mattress, and make that trek into your office. Unless you’re one of those lucky duckies who gets to work from home all the time, or a self-made closeted millionaire who can do what You want, you’re in the vast majority of drones having to deal with the dreary weather.

So, what do I look for in a rainy day when I HAVE to go to work? Here’s an abbreviated list:

  • Coffee and lots of it. Pour it down my throat with a funnel, that would be just fine. Because, you can’t get away with napping under your desk like in “Grandma’s Boy”
  • Tea, as if coffee weren’t enough, tea just makes things COZY. Yes, I’m that girl who likes to wrap both hands around a piping hot mug-o-tea. WHAT of it!
  • A good amount of music to keep focus on work tasks and keeps the mind from wandering off to think about that lovely bed awaiting your return home for a reunion, or being anywhere else, like a “Sound of Music” style meadow in the sun and frolicking through it. May be a little Missy Elliott “The Rain – Supa Dupa Fly” action is in order. That song will NEVER be outdated. You hear me? NEVER! I refuse to let it! I tend to like to kick it old school on rainy days. It lends a bit-o-nostalgia to the day.
  • Foods, Glorious Foods. Snacks are a necessity, whether in bed or at work on a dreary day, and make ’em good snacks! I’m a grazer. I tend not to gorge myself unless it’s Thanksgiving, or MoGlo (That’s my momma) is cooking.
  • A good pair of Wellies, or at least a change of shoes and socks. One of my least favorite things in the entire world, as much as I love dancing in the rain and playing in puddles, is having to walk around or be stuck in soaked socks and shoes. I like puddles on the streets, not in my shoes. ICK.
  • Layers of comfy clothes. I’m a layers gal; I like a good set of layers. It could be the middle of summer, but when it’s a rainy, dreary day, you better believe that you’re most likely going to feel a chill from all of the moisture in zee air. It’s just how it is. So why feel the icy chill of weather on your neck at work. NOT pleasant.

With this short-ish list of items to have with you on any dreary, rainy workday, you should be able to get through it with no issues. Now, the one thing that you must hope for when having to be at work on a dreary day that there are no fires to put out. You want these days to be the smoothest days to coast, err manage through. You’re already putting your mind and body through enough stress as it is. Try to keep it chill. Before you know it, You’ll be back under the security of your blanket and hopefully wake up to a sunny, beautiful morning.