I’m Not Going To Chase You

by Thought Catalog

This is an amazing post! It reminds me of the last time I felt close to a close friend who hurt me badly. That last night of us being, possibly the closest we’ll ever be though, was best described by this stranger and I just love it.

Thought Catalog

My hair won’t fall down like a dance. It won’t brush the middle of my back, it won’t swing or sway left then right. It won’t let your fingers skim through on the way to the rest. It won’t know how to soak up the sun in the springs and summers. It won’t smell like coconut or the sand or the ocean. And I’m not a mermaid, I won’t swim after you.

My mind won’t stop its speed on command or just because you say it should. It might fight until it crosses the currents, hoping you’ll push through to follow. It won’t stay and sink into the bubble of maybes you build below the ships and boats and fish that swim to live. You might need to race me and win. You might need to stop me before I slip off and disappear. And I might need you to…

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