Spring Transition Mix

by hwilliams773

Spring PeoniesYesterday I happened upon The Track Addict mixes by MS MR, one of my favorite new artists. There are two volumes and both are amazing. I recommend checking them both out. It’s also a great way to discover other artists, you may otherwise have gone your entire life without experiencing, and that would be just so sad! A few of these artists have been around, but it’s still so great to hear something different from your normal tunage. I hope you enjoy these mixes as much as I have so far!

MS MR Track Addict Vol. I

MS MR Track Addict Vol. II

MS MR’s EP, Candy Bar Creep Show is currently available to listen and purchase and their debut album, Secondhand Rapture, will be dropped on May 14th. I am patiently awaiting this date. Curious about their music? Check out “Bones”, featured in a few show trailers and on some television show scores recently. It’s SO contagious!

Do you have any Spring Transition tracks that you would like to give a reco? Please feel free to share in the comments!