Breakup Song (Part I – Melancholia Phase)

by hwilliams773

IMG_20121001_160108So recently, I went through a tad bit of a falling out with a very close friend, who for lack of a better description, led me on that he was into me and kept from me that he was into someone else. The fact that he was spending hours everyday talking to me, worried about me if he didn’t hear from me within 12 hours, and would text me from across the Atlantic, made me believe we were forming more than a friendship. Of course the random acts of physical flirtation (kissing me at a Halloween party for instance) also played a major role in my “falling for this guy”.

When I discovered on my own that he liked another girl, who I was not particularly fond of to begin with, I was quite crushed. Especially for him to know that I liked him, his mixed signals, and the fact that he considered me his closest friend, but hid this information from me.

But, I digress. Being hurt, I decided that I needed a break from our friendship. We were clearly too close and I didn’t want to compete with this new girl for his attention. There have been some awkward scenarios that played out along the way, because we’re involved in mutual groups; it’s tough to completely cut someone off from your life. So how do I get through the broken heart hurt feelings phase? Music. It’s always music. You can’t get through the “depression” of a terrible experience without listening to some tunes written by others who are better at expressing your feelings than you thought you could yourself.

Music is known for evoking emotion, which is why I find it therapeutic to go through the motions with a perfect playlist to get the bad stuff out of my system. It’s funny how the perfect “breakup” song comes across your listening plate just when you need it most, but don’t know where to find it. Since this whole thing has happened, I’ve gone through my personal phases of “Grieving”: Melancholia or “tears and lack/gain of appetite”, Anger & Confusion, Acceptance, and Getting over it and Moving on!

I’m currently in the “Getting over it and Moving on” phase, but I know how tough it can be to find those perfect songs that get you through the Melancholia phase. So, what I submit to you today, is my own personal playlist of “Breakup” songs for getting through that pesky first phase. Please feel free to critique my taste in songs, but I can tell you from experience, these work to help get all of those stupid tears out! I will submit a new playlist for each phase, so please stay turned for Parts 2 through 4.